We refer to the terms of Dropbox is a third party application developed by

Files: we do not save your files – we just process them and delete them afterwards instantly.

Folders: we only access the folder you created an automation with. We do not access any other folders. If you have chosen to put your files to your Dropbox as a result we create new folders such as „processed“ (for files we already fetched) and „result“ (for the result of your processed files – this is necessary when you put files to an action where the filename would be similar after performing the action)

Dropbox access: You grant access to your dropbox by signing up and you can choose your access type. Entire access to all your dropbox folders or just access to one of your folders you want to automate by using the 'Login with Dropbox "one folder" access'. This will create a folder called Apps/Wappwolf in your Dropbox. Wappwolf won't be able to access any other folder.

You can easily delete your access within your Dropbox account settings here

Stop or delete automation: you can stop or delete your automation on and we stop accessing your Dropbox immediatly

Delete your account: please drop a mail (



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