About us

Wappwolf is a cloud based "action store" to automate file handling. It provides a customizable set of "web actions" - i.e. web-based apps from different developers which are connected - that allows users to share and process multiple files by one click. Files can be of any type, actions can be started by users from any device or by using predefined triggers. It increases productivity and saves costs.


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Wappwolf, Inc.
181 Fremont Street
CA, 94105 San Francisco

The Secretary of State of Delaware issued a certificate for WAPPWOLF, INC.
whose file number is 5030325 on 08/30/2011 under request number
110957478 for authentication number 8998492.

Chairman & CEO: Michael Eisler (in)

President & CFO: Harald Weiss (in)

and J├╝rgen Holzleitner, Gerald Sigmund